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The Australians to be shown a red card in the world cup, 2010 are Tim Cahil and Harry Kewell.

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Q: What Australian soccer players were sent off in the world cup?
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How many players are on a soccer field on one team?

There are always 11 players for one team unless they get sent off. But in soccer you always start with 11 players.

If a soccer player is sent off does the team have only ten players on the field?


How many players can get sent off in soccer before the game is over?

4 players. Once the 5th player is sent off, the team falls below the required 7 players on the field to continue the match.

Who got sent off at world cup 1970?

No players were sent off in the 1970 world cup tournament

How many Australian solders were sent to World War 2?


What are disadvantages in soccer?

the main disadvantage is,Players are cautioned with a yellow card, and sent off with a red card :p

When were Australian troops first sent to in World War 2?

At the end of 1939.

Can a pro soccer team have 9 players on the field to play?

If two are sent off and you have no subs or you've used them all, then yes

Where were Australian soldiers sent in World War 1 and why?

no body knows. coz they all suck

How many Australian soldiers were sent to world war 2?

Around 20,000 thousand Western Australian Soldiers were sent to war in Greece to aid Australia's greatest ally during that time, Britain.

Which country has had the most players sent off in all the world cups?

It will be Argentina or Cameroon.

Who will get the points when they take out five soccer players on the team?

A team must consist of 7 players, if they don't (5 from one team sent off) The opposing team is awarded a 3-0 victory.

Who sent Australian troops to New Guinea in 1942?

The Australian government.

What NCAA team has sent the most players to the NBA?

UCLA with 66 players. North Carolina has sent 65 players to the NBA.

Where were Australian troops first sent to fight in World War 2?

North Africa North Africa

How many players is on a soccer team?

You can have a maximum of 11 players per team and a minimum of 7. If there are less then seven players, the team automatically loses. If a team exceeds the maximum amount of 11 players, that player(s) will be cautioned with a yellow card and sent off the field.

Which team was sent home in disgrace from fifa 2010 world cup?

It was the French team players.

How many players from England went to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup 2010?

England sent 23 players in their squad to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

Australian troops to Korea?

Approximately 17,000 Australian Servicemen were sent to Korea.

What major policy did Robert Menzies or Curtin do to help Australia in World War 2?

He sent Australian troops to war

Barack Obama's favorite sport?

Soccer. I sent him a message and he sent back. NO lie

Who was the player to get a red card in world cup football?

Many players have been sent off in many FIFA World Cup tournaments.

How many Australian people were sent to the paraolympics?


What is eject in soccer?

be sent off......(red card)

What does SO stand for in soccer stats?

sent off