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Tony Dorigo

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Q: What Australian played for Chelsea football club 1990?
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How long has AFL been around for?

The 'AFL' (Australian Football League) name has been around since 1990. The 'VFL' (Victorian Football League) change its name after expansion outside Victoria. The first season of the VFL was 1897 after team left the VFA to form a new league. Australian Rules Football (the SPORT played in the AFL) was first played in 1859.

Where was the fast match of the 1990 World Cup played?


When was Chelsea White born?

Chelsea White was born in 1990.

When was Chelsea Thomas born?

Chelsea Thomas was born on 1990-01-26.

When was Chelsea Stewart born?

Chelsea Stewart was born on 1990-04-28.

When was Chelsea Buckland born?

Chelsea Buckland was born on 1990-01-20.

When was Chelsea Weston born?

Chelsea Weston was born on 1990-01-27.

When was Chelsea Russo born?

Chelsea Russo was born on January 4, 1990.

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Chelsea Lynn has: Played Emily in "Wings" in 1990. Performed in "The Man Who Loved Women" in 1993. Played Daughter in "Chicago Hope" in 1994. Played Little Tiffany in "Unhappily Ever After" in 1995. Played Little Girl in "Pacific Blue" in 1996.

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Chelsea Rashoff was born on March 2, 1990, in California, USA.

When was Chelsea Makela born?

Chelsea Makela was born on January 16, 1990, in Brentwood, California, USA.

What was the first game of AFL?

The first games played in the AFL (Australian Football League) began at about 2.10 pm on Saturday 31 March 1990. Four matches took place that afternoon at various grounds in Melbourne. If you were meaning, "When was the first league football match, as in the VFL, or other state league?" the Victorian Football League played its first matches in 1896. However, there are records of the very early beginnings of Australian football back in the 1850's, possibly earlier. Scotch College, Melbourne Grammar, Geelong Grammar and a St. Kilda school all indicate in the early beginnings of the game.