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The Chicago White Sox play in the American League.

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Q: What American baseball league plays for Chicago?
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What is Cleveland's baseball team called?

IndiansThe Cleveland Indians is a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

What is Cleveland baseball team name?

The IndiansThe Cleveland Indians are a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

What is the Chicago White Sox font?

The Chicago White Sox was founded in 1900 and plays in the American League's Central Division. The font used in their logo is called Old English.

What is the capital city of the state the White Sox are from?

The Chicago White Sox is a major league baseball team that plays its home games in Chicago, Illinois. Springfield is the capital city of Illinois.

Name an American league team the plays in the state of Washington?

The Seattle Mariners of the American League plays their home games in the State of Washington.

Angel Guzman stress?

Ángel Moisés Guzmán is a pitcher in Major League Baseball who plays for the Chicago Cubs.

What baseball team plays in Chicago?

The Chicage Bulls

How many baseball games are there in a regular season?

Each team plays 162 games in the Major League Baseball regular season. EDIT: Being that there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball (14 in the American League, 16 in the National League), this equates to 2430 scheduled games for a regular season.

Who plays the most day games in baseball?

The Chicago Cubs.

What baseball team plays in Wrigley Field?

Chicago Cubs

Which team plays the worst baseball?

the Chicago Cubs or the Washington Nationals

What is the name of the major baseball league in Miami?

The name of the Major League Baseball team that plays in Miami, Florida is the Miami Marlins.

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