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The Chicago White Sox play in the American League.

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Q: What American baseball league plays for Chicago?
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What is the Chicago White Sox font?

The Chicago White Sox was founded in 1900 and plays in the American League's Central Division. The font used in their logo is called Old English.

How many baseball games are there in a regular season?

Each team plays 162 games in the Major League Baseball regular season. EDIT: Being that there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball (14 in the American League, 16 in the National League), this equates to 2430 scheduled games for a regular season.

What is Cleveland's baseball team called?

IndiansThe Cleveland Indians is a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

What is Cleveland baseball team name?

The IndiansThe Cleveland Indians are a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

Name an American league team the plays in the state of Washington?

The Seattle Mariners of the American League plays their home games in the State of Washington.

Angel Guzman stress?

Ángel Moisés Guzmán is a pitcher in Major League Baseball who plays for the Chicago Cubs.

What baseball team plays in Chicago?

The Chicage Bulls

What is a designated hitter in baseball?

In the MLB, the American league games have a Designated Hitter that hits for the pitcher. It is also liek tht in college and maybe high school. In the MLB if the American league team plays an inter-league game at there stadium vs a National League team at home, the designated hitter rule is in effect. But if the American league team plays away vs the national league team, the DH is not in effect. In grade school baseball, the DH can hit for any player, even a position player. For example, on the Boston Red Sox, their common designated hitter is David Ortiz.

What is Chester Taylor known for?

Chester Taylor (or Che Tay) is an American footballer who plays as a running back. He has played in the National Football League for clubs such as the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

What are the differences between the National League Conference and the American League Conference in American football?

First of all, you are confusing the terms national league and American league used in baseball with football. Replace the word league with football. NFL has the National Football Conference and American Football Conference. There really is no difference, the difference is very similar to the differences between the American League and National League in baseball. Both Conferences are at the same level of play, play for the world championship with one team represting each (league in baseball, conference in football) in the final round of the playoffs, and in both baseball and football, each team plays the majority of games in their own (league in baseball, conference in football), but still plays a few of their games against teams from the other league or conference. These conferences were created after the NFL merged with a competing top-level league in 1970, the AFL (American Football League). All teams in the NFC are either expansion teams created after the merger, or were in the NFL before the merger. In the AFC, three teams that were in the NFL moved to the AFC the year of the merger so both conferences would have the same number of teams. Other than those three teams, all AFC teams were in the AFL or are expansion teams created after the merger.

What is the capital city of the state the White Sox are from?

The Chicago White Sox is a major league baseball team that plays its home games in Chicago, Illinois. Springfield is the capital city of Illinois.

How many baseball games are played in an American League season?

Each team plays 162 regular season games, and then the Phillies win the World Series

Who wins in the World Series baseball?

The American League pennant winner, plays the National League pennant winner, in a 7 game series. The team to win 4 games first wins the World Series.

What baseball team plays in Wrigley Field?

Chicago Cubs

Who plays the most day games in baseball?

The Chicago Cubs.

Who is dustin pedroia?

Dustin Pedroia (born August 17, 1983 in Woodland, California) is an American Major League Baseball second baseman who, as of 2013, plays for the Boston Red Sox. Pedroia was the 2007 American League Rookie of the Year, and the 2008 America League Most Valuable Player.

What is the name of the major baseball league in Miami?

The name of the Major League Baseball team that plays in Miami, Florida is the Miami Marlins.

Do American league teams play national league teams?

American League teams play the National League teams for four series per season, in what is called "interleague play." also, in the World Series, an American League team plays a National League team.

Which team plays the worst baseball?

the Chicago Cubs or the Washington Nationals

Does the American league always play a national league in the world series?

Yes, the champion of each league plays each other.

Which league uses a designated hitter?

The American League uses a designated hitter. Some exceptions: If an American League team plays at a National League Park (Yankees play at Shea Stadium or the new Citi Field against the Mets) then the American League team can't use a Designated Hitter. If a National League team plays at an American League Park (Mets play at Yankees Stadium) then the National League team is allowed to use a designated hitter.

What is renee's boyfriend?

Phil. He plays for a minor league baseball tem.

How many players are there Major League Baseball?

8-10peoples plays.

What Major League Baseball team plays in Detroit?

the Detroit Tigers.

What sport plays the most games?

Major League Baseball 162