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Not a complete list ... some of these players were starters and some were backups - 1) Joe Namath - Jets QB in Super Bowl III

2) Ken Stabler - Raiders QB in Super Bowl XI

3) Howard Cross - Giants TE in Super Bowl XXV.

4) Lee Roy Jordan - Cowboys LB in Super Bowl VI

5) Ray Perkins - Colts WR in Super Bowl V

6) Larry Roberts - 49ers DE in Super Bowl XXIII

7) Jeff Rutledge - Giants QB in Super Bowl XXI and Redskins QB in Super Bowl XXVI

8) Bart Starr - Packers QB in Super Bowls I and II

9) DeShea Townsend - Steelers DB in Super Bowl XL

10) Sherman Williams - Cowboys RB in Super Bowl XXX

11) Steve Wright - Packers T in Super Bowls I and II

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Three quarterbacks from the University of Alabama have won the Super Bowl. * Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers - I, II * Joe Namath, New York Jets - III * Ken Stabler, Oakland Raiders - XI

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Alabama does not have a professional Football Team. Therefore, they cannot have won any Super Bowls.

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Q: What Alabama Crimson Tide players won Super Bowls?
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