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It was Ghana.

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Q: What African country's team was the first ever to make the semi finals in the 2010 world cup?
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What African team was the first to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup?


Who score the first goal in 2010 world cup finals?

It was the south African

Which African country was the first to enter into a world cup quarter finals?

Cameroon was the first African team to reach the quarterfinal of the fifa world cup.

Which African nation was the first to reach the 2nd round in a World Cup Finals tournament?

It is Algeria and cameroon.

Which African country first participated in the FIFA World Cup?

Egypt were the first African country to appear at a World Cup Finals in Italy 1934 where they lost 4-2 in the 1st Round to Hungary.

What African team was the second to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup?


How many times did Uganda went to African cup finals?

Uganda has never been to the world cup finals, let alone played in a world cup.

Roger Mila was the first African soccer player to score a goal at FIFA world cup?

I doubt it, but yes he reached the quarter finals with Cameroon for the first time.

Which African team has got to the semi finals of the football world cup?

None yet.

How Many times has Brazil conceded a goal to an African Nation in the World Cup Finals?

Zero. No African nation has played a World Cup final game.

Who is the youngest African player to play in world cup finals?

that player is Samuel eto of cameroon

What is the first African country to reach the quarter finals of the world cup football in 1990?

Cameroon achieved that feat in 1990. They defeated Colombia 2-0 in the Round of 16, before losing to England in the quarter-finals in extra time.

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