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Q: What AFL players wear asics?
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Why do afl players wear gloves?

Afl players mainly wear gloves because they could get some more grip on the ball

When was AFL Players Association created?

AFL Players Association was created in 1974.

What AFL players wear 9 on their gurnseys?

nic natanui, ben cousins, gary ablett

Are Soccer players know better then AFL players?

Yes, Soccer players are better known internationally than AFL players.

How many AFL players on the AFL field?

18 players on the field, plus 4 interchange players. 22 total.

What do the basketball players wear in a basketball game?


Which sport has the most players?


What AFL players have had a concussion?

Nearly every footballer

What team has the most players in AFL?

collingwood magpies

Can you wear NFL gloves in AFL?


Do AFL players wear gloves?

No! very rarely... I believe it commenced as cricket players, where only the keeper or the batsmen wear gloves. A few may wear them on very cold nights, but otherwise, they are rarely worn; they would detract from ball-grip, which is absolutely crucial in the Australian football game.

How much do afl players make?

about $1,444 billion this is the right answer

In an afl game how many players are on the field and bench?


How often do afl players get tested for drugs?

every year

How many players in an AFL team?

44 players but only 22 play and 18 are on the field.

What do you wear for volleyball?

You wear spandex shorts (Asics are best) in order to move faster and more freely.

Are AFL players good role models?

Generally, yes they are good role models. There aren't as many incidents as league has but not all AFL players are perfect - look at Ben Cousins

Who was the first aboriginal AFL player?

The first known player of Aboriginal descent to play at AFL level was Fitzroy's Joe Johnson, who played 55 games, including premierships in 1904 and 1905. In AFL history, only 148 players known to be of Aboriginal descent have played AFL football, but in 2005, there are 52 players of Aboriginal descent on AFL lists.

Who is more skilful soccer players or AFL players?

Soccer has clearly way more skillful players then AFL. Soccer is the most popular and the best game ever invented. To all the fans of AFL who think AFL is better than soccer just stick to the facts and you will find out which is better. For instance soccer is the most played sport and is also the most watched sport on the Earth.

How many AFL players are there?

in 2009 with 16 teams there is approximately (at 32 per team) 510 players.

Can you please list all of the Aboriginal players in the Afl at the moment?

no. lol

What short do you wear for volleyball?

You wear spandex shorts (Asics are best) in order to move faster and more freely.

Who started afl?

originally cricket players in Australia played afl in the winter to keep fit and eventually it became an Australian sport.

What is the average AFL player salary?

AFL players make an approximate of $217,900 a year + around 2k per game True Fact

Should I get the Asics 2160 to wear to Zumba?

The short answer is that you sure can. The asics 2160 are a pretty decent womens shoes and should be supportive enough for exercising for a zumba class.