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nic natanui, ben cousins, gary ablett

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Q: What AFL players wear 9 on their gurnseys?
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What NHL players wear number 9?

Zach Parise

List of players to wear number 9 Liverpool jersey?

torres/ carrol

How many people are on a AFL team?

There are 15 players on an afl team. Although the Australian game, when played overseas, may have only 9, 12 or even 15 players due to small ground sizes available or lack of numbers, the game as played in Australia, normally plays 18 on the field with 4 substitutes on the sidelines.

Which famous soccer players wear number 9?

ronaldo Torres benzema kaka

What is the most common number in football?

9 as the best players wear it

Who were the last 5 players to wear the number 9 shirt for Chelsea?

not a clue, except, flo,crespo??

What is a good sports show name?

the afl footy show - channel 9 before the game - channel 10 the sunday afl footy show - channel 9

What two Bengal players wore jersey number 79?

The Bengals have had 9 Players wear #79 the two most famous are probably Coy Bacon and ROss Browner

Which NBA players wear number 9?

the person who wears number 9 in the nba would be Tony Parker...

When do mlb players wear the stars and stripes hats?

memorial day, independance day, veterans day, 9/11

How many players are on a line for a baseball team?

9 players are on a field at once but a team can consist of more players than 9

How many players are in Newcomb ball?

9 players