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Falcons, Eagles, Seahawks, Cardinals, Ravens

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Q: What 5 NFL teams are named after birds?
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How many NFL teams have nicknames taken from the names of birds?


Which American football teams are named after birds?

There are 5. The Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks.

Who are the top 5 merchandise sellers in the NFL?

Who are the top 5 NFL teams who sell the most merchandise ?

How many NFL teams are in the southeast?


How many practices do NFL teams have a week?


What NFL player has played for the most NFL teams in one season?

Randy Moss. 3 teams in 5 weeks of the2010-2011 season

What teams in the nfl have the top 5 Super Bowls?


Which football teams are named after a state?


What NFL teams have 5 super bowl rings?

Dallas Cowboys

What r the 5 nfl teams with birds as there mascot?

Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Arizona Cardinals Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks

Which teams have won 5 Super Bowls in the NFL?

The teams that have won 5 super bowls are the San Fransisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many NFL teams went to the Super Bowl and didn't win?


Which NFL player has been on 5 super bowl teams?

gale Gilbert

How many current NFL teams never made it to the super bowl?


What are the 5 lowest paid teams in the NFL?


What are the top 5 winning-est teams in the NFL since 2000?

Baltimore ravens

How many college football teams in the NCAA are named bulldogs?


What three NFL teams have won 5 super bowls who are they?

The answer to which 3 teams hold the 5 SB victories.......EASY Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers Pittsburgh Steelers.

What NFL teams won back to back super bowls?

5 teams did it: Packers, Steelers (2), Dolphins, Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots and Broncos.

Only NFL player to be a member of 5 consecutive Super Bowl teams?

Charles Haley

What 5 NFL teams have not made an appearance in the Super Bowl?

i think just about all them i think

What are the names of the NFL teams that started 5-0 that did not make the play offs?

Vikings and Broncos.

5 NFL teams that are the same since 1933?


Where do visiting nfl teams stay when in san francisco?

The 5 star hotel fairmont in downtown

What NFL teams has the most super bowl championships?

i think it's the cowboys and 49ers with 5 a piece