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The three teams that beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, were:

  • Los-Angeles Lakers - 1987
  • Los-Angeles Lakers - 1985
  • St. Louis Hawks - 1958
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Q: What 3 teams beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals?
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Who did the Lakers beat in the 1985 NBA finals?

In the 1985 NBA finals the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics 4 games to 2.

Who did the Lakers play in 2010 for the championship?

they had a rematch from the 2008 finals and beat the Boston Celtics in 7 games

How many consecutive times have the lakers beat the Celtics at the championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers have beaten the Boston Celtics three times in the NBA Finals: in 1985, 1987 and 2010.

What was the outcome of game four in the 2008 NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics beat the Los-Angeles Lakers 97-91 in game four of the 2008 NBA Finals. The Celtics would go on to win the championship in six games.

Who played in the 1958 NBA finals?

The St. Louis Hawks beat the Boston Celtics 4 games to 2, for the 1957/58 NBA championship.

Who have the Boston celtics beat?

no one

Did Boston Celtics beat the Knicks?


Who better los angles lakers or Boston Celtics?

Los Angles Lakers is my team Azeez. Whoever we play we smash them. Boston Celtics is some trash. Lakers is better than boring Celtics. We go to the "NBA FINALS" ever year if we play the Celtics they can never beat us. Can`t stop "Kobe Bryant". Will make a shot in your face. "LOS ANGLES LAKERS ALL DAY". "BOO Celtics".

Who is the Best team in the NBA for 2009?

The best team in 2009 is the Boston Celtics. That is because at first the nets were the number one team in U.S.A. But the Celtics beat them and almost 7 other teams in a row ( impressive to me).

Which NBA basketball team won the NBA championships in the year 2008?

That was the Los Angeles Lakers who defeated the Indiana Pacers, 4 games to 2, in the 2000 NBA Finals, who were on their first championship of three in a row.

Who beat the 1985-1986 Boston Celtics at home?


Which NBA team won the championship in 1980?

The Boston Celtics won 9 times and the Philadelphia 76ers won once (1967).