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Flexibility, strength, and balance.

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Q: What 3 characterists do you feel are most import for cheerleading posses?
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What happens when a ghost posses you?

If a ghost posses you, you wouldn't feel like yourself. You cant control your actions and emotions.

Why is cheerleading important?

Cheerleading is important because it shows that you have spirt for your team and it encourages the team to play the best they can! Cheerleading also helps you feel better and makes you feel important!Tori Is awesome. ☺☻♥♥ She is a cheerleader!!!! ♥♥because the cheerleaders get the players pumped up!!!

What are the six senses that human being posses?

seeing,smell,taste,feel,hearing, intuition

Is competition cheerleading really hard?

Competition cheerleading is much more extreme. The stunts are harder, and the tumbling is much more advanced. That is not to say that it is unbearably hard and impossible. It is a challenge. You may feel sore until you get used to the workout. But I highly recommend it, it is a great sport.

I feel discouraged because i cant get basing right in cheerleading what do i do?

The best way to learn moves and routines in cheer leading is to practice and get hep when you need it.

Which is better inside cheerleading magazine or American cheerleading magazine?

It depends on what you want. Here's a description of both: American Cheerleader: More mainstream, often has articles about fashion and celebrities. More focused on high school and college cheerleading, school spirit, and camp. I personally am not the hugest fan of AC because I am an Allstar cheerleader IC: More hard core cheer. I feel like it has a greater variety of articles covering all aspects of cheerleading, not just school. Also does a special issue for Worlds

What would high tariffs cause problems for?

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How did professional cheerleading started?

Professional cheerleaders get started by getting on a mini squad or a district squad then move up and when you feel your ready try a all- star team and go from there.

Please tell us why you are applying for this position?

I apply this position I feel that i posses all the necesary qualification,quality,and skilles to enable one to be sacselfull. I believe that i fitt the pesson specification perfect

How do you use the word misfit in a sentence?

A misfit is someone who doesn't fit into the group. Here are some sentences.I felt like a misfit at the meeting.She was a real misfit at the cheerleading camp.Being a misfit can make you feel lonely.

What makes cheerleading so interesting?

Everyone has a different opinion about why it is so interesting. Some say it is to become strong and felxable. Some do it to become popular, then there are some that just love it! I feel like i am by myself when i am at a compotition and i am competing! i feel like everything right then and there all depends on me and no one else

I want to join cheerleading but everyone is mean to me?

If you really want to be a cheerleader, than don't let mean people stop you from doing what you want to do. You should feel free to try out and/or participate in cheerleading. There is no easy way to stop people being mean to you. You can try to earn their respect by practicing cheerleading often, being good at the sport and actively participating in workouts and at the game. It's also important to not respond to their rudeness by being rude back. If, however, you've tried it and everyone is still being mean, you don't have to keep doing something that you don't like.