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Q: What 2 terms using both sides of the blade hockey stick to control and advance the pick up the floor without the help of a teammate?
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What is cycling hockey?

cycling in hockey is when a teammate passes the puck to another teammate along the yellow of the boards

What is an ice hockey shot called that occurs when a player meets a teammate's pass with an immediate slap shot without any attempt to control the puck from his or her stick?

it's referred to traditionally as a 'one-timer'

May a hockey player kick the puck to a teammate?


What does assist mean in ice hockey?

You were one of the last 2 people who passed the puck to your teammate who scored.

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How many gay hockey players are in the NHL?

As of now, there are no openly gay hockey players in the NHL. However, in a recent poll of all NHL players, over 80% of them said they believe they have a gay teammate.

Can a puck in ice hockey roll?

Yes. A hockey puck can and often does roll during a hockey game. I have played the game from an early age up through high school and a rolling puck is not easy to control. Your passes and shots will not be very accurate and very difficult for your teammate to receive. I would just reach down with my hand and knock it over. You need to be quick with this type of maneuver and if your opponents are slapping at with their sticks you won't be able to do it.

What is ball control in hockey?

hockey using a rubber or wooden ball of some sort.

Is baseball like hockey without the stick?


Is the Princess Field hockey sticks legal for high school players without a sticker of legalization?

totally legal...i have onee(: its soo greatt! you will lovee itt;power and control

What was the longest play time without a stoppage or whistle in NHL hockey?

10 minutes was the longest play time without a stoppage or whistle in NHL hockey.

Who first taught Gretzky tha game of hockey?

not sure what tha game of hockey is... but i know what the game of hockey is. it was his father, walter. now please, do the entire universe a favor and step in front of a fast moving truck. thank you in advance yo!