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Q: What 2 methods of hydrating the body after exercise?
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What is the prevention methods of type 2 disbetes?

exercise and healthy diet with low salt and sugar intake

Why are body mechanics important when moving a patient? is important because it helps to exercise the body. improves the structure of the patient.

How 2 improve a female body after puberty?

Proper diet is must for an overall development of body. Also proper exercise is equally important.

How many atoms are in a molecule of borax Na2B4O7-10H2O?

There are 432 Na4 B17 O (7 in the Na2B4O7 and 10 in the hydrating H2O)20 H (in the hydrating H2O)

What are natural ways that one can cleanse the body?

There are several methods that can be used to cleanse your body. Some of the methods available include drinking 2 quarts of water a day, eating lots of fiber, taking vitamin C, and exercising.

To prevent your heart from heart disease?

I thought of 3 methods: 1.)Exercise daily, keeping to an exercise regime. 2.) Do not smoke. Refrain from smoking. 3.) Eat less food which has a high cholestrol level. Feel free to add on!!

What are three things you can do each day to help your body perform at its best?

1. exercise healthy food 3.exercise your brain with challenging things that make you think

Should you exercise daily or should you take a day or two to relax the muscles in your body?

You should exercise about 2 or 3 day a week with at least 1 day in between exercises.

What are the Methods in writing a set?

1.listing methods 2.roster methods

What is the difference between type 2 diabetes and type one?

There are many differences between Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Type 1 is where the body cannot produce enough insulin to regulate sugar in the body, it typically affects 5-25 year olds and there is no cure but it can be managed with insulin, diet and exercise. Type 2 is where the body regularly has more insulin than it can handle, it is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise and can affect any age group; again it cannot be cured but can be treated and with good diet and exercise can go into remission.

2 methods of preserving food?

The 2 methods of food preservation is refrigeration and canning

How do you mail picture in Gmail?

You can mail a picture via 2 methods. First is include it in the mail as a part of the body. The second is to send it as an attachment.