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besiktas is the best football team in the world

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Q: What 17 English players have moved clubs for 5 million or over more than once?
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What year 1 st million pound player English football?

Trevor Francis moved from Birmingham to Nottingham Forest for £1.18 million in 1979.

Has Fernando Torres moved clubs?

it depends 'cos... Yes he moved from atletico Madrid No he's still at Liverpool

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Rugby League was created by a group of north England clubs who broke away from the Rugby Union. This was because many players in the north moved south where there was more employment at the time. The northern clubs saw the talent draining and wanted to allow players to have money from gate fees paid to them to help supplement their poor or no wages. The RFU refused as the game would be considered Professional in that manner and they wanted to keep it amateur. The clubs in the north decided that they would create a "Rugby League" of their own and pay players, They changes team sizes and some of the rules to make it different slightly to the Union Code.

Players that have moved from Liverpool to Man Utd?

Allenby Chilton...........1938

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An early board game in which players moved their counters around the squares?

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What was the early board game in which players moved their counter around the square?


An early board game in which players moved their counter around the squares?


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