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The World Cup has been held in Europe 10 times, but it has only been held in 7 different European countries, as it was in Italy twice and in Germany twice, once as West Germany, and in France twice:

1934 in Italy

1938 in France

1954 in Switzerland

1958 in Sweden

1966 in England

1974 in West Germany

1982 in Spain

1990 in Italy

1998 in France

2006 in Germany

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Q: What 10 countries in euorpe held the world cup?
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Why are countries being chosen to host the world cup?

The world cup has to be held somewhere.

How many countries compete for the 2006 world cup?

In the 2006 world cup held in Germany , there were 32 countries taking part.

Which year was the World Cup held in two different countries?

In the year 2002 it was held in two countries South Korea and Japan.

Which countries have held cricket World Cup?

Some countries that have held the cricket world cup are:England-2010 T 20 world cupAustralia-1987,1999,2003 and 2007 world cupIndia-1983,2011 world cup and 2007 T 20 world cupPakistan-1992 world cup and 2009 T 20 world cupSri Lanka-1996 world cupWest Indies-1975 and 1979 world cup.

Why 1992 cricket world cup was delayed and not held in 1991?

The Cricket World Cup in 1987 was held from October 8 to November 8, 1987. If the next world cup was to be held after 4 years it was to be held in October/November 1991. Since the 1992 edition of world cup was held in Australia and New Zeland, due to climatic conitions, October/November were not suitable for conducting the world cup in these countries. Hence the world cup was held from February 22 to March 25, 1992 in Australia and New Zealand.

Where was the World Cup played in 2002?

In the year 2002 the world cup was held in two countries for the first time, they were South Korea and Japan.

How often is the Euro Cup held?

The world cup was held in Europe in ten countries.

How many countries have held the world cup and won it?

There are 7 countries, France, England, Argentina, Italy and Germany.

Where is the mountain bike World Cup held?

There are multiple UCI World Cup races in various countries around the world. It is a series of races, not a single event.

Are all the world cup games played in the same country?

All the World Cup Finals are held in the host nation. Sometimes the host nation can be split between a few countries. In 2002 the World Cup was held in South Korea and Japan and the games were played in both countries. The World Cup Qualifiers are worldwide though and are played in every country.

Where was1987 World Cup held?

The world cup was not held in 1987.It was held in 1986.

Where was the World Cup held in 1930?

The world cup in 1930 was held in Uruguay