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10% can be represented as a decimal. 0.10 by moving the decimal over two places to the left.

Multiply 0.10 times 6 L and you get .6L

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Q: What is 10% of 6 liters explained step by step?
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How many liters are in a microliter?

1 microliter = 1.0 ร— 10-6 liters

What is 10 percent of 6 liters?

102% of 6 litres = 6*10/100 = 0.6 litres.

How many liters in 6 milliliters?

6 multiply 10-3

How many liters is 328 milliliter?

328 ML = 328,000,000 liters (ML would imply 10^6 liters and mL would imply 10^-3 liters)

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How many glasses of wine is in 1.5 liters?


How many liters in 10 micro liters?

1 µL = 10-6 L. µL is the symbol for microliter. Going from microliter to liters, you are going to move the decimal place 6 times to the left. Remember that moving to the left makes the number smaller. 10 µL × 10-6 = .00001 L

How many micro-liters are in one liter?

Microliters at 10 to the negative 6 liters, therefore in one liter there are 10 to the 6th microliters.

1 microliter equals 10 -6 liters is this correct?


If you have 3 liters of air in your lungs and2over 10 that is oxygen how many milliliters of oxygen are in your lungs?

Two-tenths of 3 liters is .6 liters There are one thousand milliliters in one liter. So in .6 liters, there are 600 milliliters.

What is the best estimate of a soda bottle in liters?


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