What date ipl 2021 auction?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Puneet Sharma

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24 January 2008

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Joe Oberbrunner

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3y ago
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Q: What date ipl 2021 auction?
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Who was the anchor of IPL auction?

Richard Madley was the anchor of IPL auction

Which player was omitted controversially from 2010 IPL auction?

Ravindra Jadeja

Which cricketer got the highest auction prize in recentaly concluded ipl auctions?


Who is the player from Bangladesh who got surprise amount of money in auction in IPL season 2009?

Mashrafi Murtaza

What date is the first Sunday in February 2021?

Sunday the 7th of May 2021.

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Which team buy gautam gambhir in the ipl player auction on 8-1-2011?

Knight Riders for $2.4M

Date at which ipl 1 was stated?

18 April 2008.

Who is the highest run getter in all IPL matches?

Till date, Suresh Raina has scored total 1316 in first 3 IPL season.

Name the bowler who fetched the most bucks at the IPL auctions of 2008?

irfan pathan for punjab was most expensive bowler in 2008 auction

Who is the highest player rate in IPL in 2011?

It seems that you wish to ask the player who was most costliest at the IPL player's bidding this year.It is "Gautam Gambhir" who was booked at $2.4 million by Kolkata Knight Riders.(His base price at the auction was $200,000).

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As long as the date and time stamp on your bankruptcy petition is prior to the time of the auction on the date for the auction, yes you can.