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26 runs and 27 hits, both given up to the Philadelphia Phillies on June 11, 1985. The Mets lost the game 26-7.

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Q: What's the record for most runs and hits the NY Mets allowed in a game?
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Who holds the Mets record for runs in one game?

The Mets team record for runs scored by a player in a game is 6 by Edgardo Alfonso in a game against the Astros on August 30, 1999.

What is the record for home runs hit in an MLB game by one team?


What team in the mlb holds the record for the largest comeback in a single game?

new york mets

What year did the Mets play a 1 game playoff with the Reds?

1999. The Mets and Reds finished tied for the wildcard playoff spot with a 96-66 record. The Mets defeated the Reds in the one game playoff, 5-0, to make the playoffs.

Who holds the NY Mets record with six runs scored in one game?

Edgardo Alfonzo - 1999

Who hold the New York Mets record for most RBIs in a single game?

Carlos Delgado - 9.

What was the mets record in 2006?

In 2006, the Mets went 97-65, tying the Yankees for the best record in baseball. They then went 6-4 in the postseason, good enough to go home after a devastating game 7 loss in the NLCS.

Who hold the New York Mets record for hits in a game?

Edgardo Alfonso holds the record with 6 hits against the Houston Astros on August 30, 1999. In that game he also set the team record for most runs scored in a game with 6 and tied the team record for home runs in a game with 3.

What is the record for nhl goals allowed in one game?

The record for the most goals allowed in a single NHL game is 16. The Montreal Canadians beat the Bulldogs of Quebec 16-3 on March 3, 1920.

What is the worst road record in 162 game mlb season history?

The 1963 New York Mets lost 64 games - their road record was 17-64, worst ever since the advent of the 162 games schedule. The 2010 Pirates tied the '63 Mets with a 17-64 mark. The Mets from 1962 to 1964 have the worst three year stretch of all time. In '62 mets had a 18-62 Record, '63 mets were 17-64, and the '64 mets were 20-61.

What is the mets consecutive complete games record?

David Cone is the only Mets pitcher to pitch 3 consecutive complete game victories. Mike Pelfrey threw 2 in 2008

What is NY Mets record for most steals in a game?

7 Record was set Thursday, May 14, 2009 in a game against the San Francisco Giants. All Star third Baseman, David Wright, tied an individual record by stealing 4 bases during the game.

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