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A rally is an exchange of shots between players, while a volley is a type of shot which involves hitting the ball before it bounces on the ground.

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2010-01-08 21:24:15
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Q: What's the difference between a rally and a volley?
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Whats the difference between rally scoring and rally score?

rally scoring and rally score are the same thing. rally score is when you award a point each time whether a serve is missed or an ace or the ball hits the ground.

What is volley scoring?

there is no such thing as volley scoring. there's rally, traditional, and a volley. rally scoring- every time the play is over, someone gets the point unless it's a redo traditional scoring-you can only get the point if your team served the ball before the play a volley- when the ball is hit back and fourth between the two teams (a good volley would be when it keeps going back and fourth, back and fourth....)

What does the term rally mean in volleyball?

It means to volley the ball.

What is the new volley ball scoring system?

Rally Scoring!

Can only the serving team score?

In rally scoring the other team can score when the volley is lost.

Can that receiving score a point in a volley ball game?

yes if it is rally scoring which is the most common way of scoring in volleyball

What is the main difference between F1 and WRC?

F1- Formual one WRC - World Rally Championship

How many points for an ace?

1 There is no difference between an 'ace" (a point won on the service) and any other rally point in volleyball.

What is the difference between rally point scoring and side out scoring?

point is the point you get on the round your playing and score is the point you earn the whole game

What is volley in volleyballl?

A volley in the simplest form is simply passing the ball back and forward without dropping the ball. A volley is also known as a rally and these can get intense! If you ever watched a volleyball game It's very exciting and fast paced with crazy swings, blocks, and saves. Some rallies/volleys can last over a minute and are very fun to watch.

What is rally in volleyball?

A rally, is when the ball constantly goes back and forth, between the two teams.

What is a rally in ping pong?

A table tennis rally is the same as a rally in any other racket sport. A rally is a series of "passes" between the players, with players hitting legal shots in turn.

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