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Note: I am a girl. I personally don't play this game, but my friend Michael requested for the answers. I couldn't turn him down. So I was kind enough to do as he asked. I played the game and provided the answers here. ENJOY!

1. Click the pink pad, chemical beaker (oddly shaped one) chalk.
2. Click the beaker in your inventory then the chalk. It should turn blue ( the cardboard covering)
3. Put the chalk back on the chalkboard's tray.
4. Take the pink pad in your inventory and click the chalkboard when the teacher turns around to look at you and looks back at the chalkboard.

1. Pick up the bag and cylinder beaker.
2. Put the beaker in the guy's lunch bag. He will then leave.
3. Click the bag then the cheerleader's cellphone. It will explode.

1. When the girl with the brown hair and barrettes puts down her water bottle, Click her water bottle.
2. Click the water bottle in your inventory and then click the wires and control panel on the floor.

1. Click the screwdriver, ducktape, and last beaker.
2. Take the screwdriver from your inventory (Click It) and then click the air conditioning. It will get jammed.
3. Candy will sit down on the table. When she does click the ducktape in your inventory and put it under her skirt.
4. Click the beaker in your inventory and click the frog in the tank.
5. Click the glowing frog in your inventory and click her lap. The frog will jump at her. She will jump on you.

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Q: What's the answers to Candy the naughty cheerleader?
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