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Kosar to Slaughter most likely

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Q: What's the Longest pass in Cleveland Browns history that wasn't a touchdown?
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What is the longest streak without an offensive touchdown in the NFL?

24 quarters. Currently held by the Cleveland Browns and will roll into the 2009 season.

What was Willie Parker's longest run for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Willie Parker's longest run for the Steelers was an 80 yard touchdown. It was on December 24, 2005, against the Cleveland Browns.

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name in history?

The Cleveland Rams

Which NFL team has the record for the longest losing streak?

Cleveland browns

Coldest game in Cleveland Browns history?

Jan. 4, 1981 - Cleveland Municipal StadiumAFC playoff: Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland RaidersTemperature: -5 degrees

Who wore jersey 32 Cleveland Browns history?

Jim brown

After the Browns moved to Baltimore how did Cleveland get a new team?

As part of the legal agreement to keep the Browns name, history, and franchise records in the city of Cleveland, the NFL promised Cleveland that they would establish another Browns franchise in Cleveland at some point in the future. It took about 4 years for the Browns to be re-established in Cleveland.

Which football NFL team has the least touchdown in year 2000?

The Cleveland Browns with 17 (9 passing, 7 rushing, 1 on defense).

Who wore the number 12 through out the history of the Cleveland Browns?

Don Cockroff

Who has the longest hitting streak in St. Louis Browns history?

Joe DiMaggio

Who are the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are an NFL team based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Where do the Cleveland Browns play?

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have played at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that the Browns played at Municipal Stadium, which was torn down to have Cleveland Browns Stadium built in it's place.

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