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hand-eye quardination

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Q: Whar is the Basic skill of badminton?
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What is the basic skill of badminton?

hand eye coordination

What is the most basic badminton skill?

If you are able to hit the ball, using both forehand and backhand, then you're doing great. Those are the most basic hits used in badminton.

What should i do to improve your badminton skill?


Why is netball an open skill?

Badminton is considered an open skill because it is a motor skill that is performed in a changing environment.

What are badminton's main skill?

I think that foot working, shooting at the target and serving are the main skills in badminton.

What are badminton basic skills?

Hit the shuttleCOCK

What is an example of a complex skill in badminton?

smash, not the most complex but it has a few sub-routines

What are the basic skills for badminton?

Hit the birdie with racket. Simple as that>

What are the two basic movements skill?

what are the two basic movementskill

What are elements of badminton?

There are a few elements that you need for badminton. You need rackets, shuttlecocks, and a net. It is also necessary that you learn the basic rules of the game.

What is the basic skill of archery?


whar are the symptons?

what are the gymptons