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The New York Giants were playing in the National League in 1903. The Giants have always been a National League team.

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Q: Were the giants playing in the American or national league in 1903?
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Are the New York Giants in the National Leage or the American Leage.?

The New York Giants were in the National League.

What kind of sport do the giants play?

The San Francisco Giants are a major league baseball team playing in the National League West division. The New York Giants are a National Football League team that plays in the National Football Conference East division.

Are the San Francisco Giants Baseball team in the American League or the National League?

National League. West division with the Padres, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks

Can an national league teams use a dH instead of a pitcher to bat?

The only time a National League team can use a DH is when they are playing against an American League in their stadium (so the National League team would be visitors). The opposite is true for the American League.. if they are playing a National League team in their stadium (so the American League would be visitors) they are required to have their pitcher bat

How did Eli Manning get famous?

an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League

When did the American league teams start to play the National League teams?

1997 - Glenallen Hill was the first dh for the Giants vs. Rangers

When were the American League and National League founded?

The National League was formed in 1876 and the American League in 1901.

Why was there no World Series in 1904?

John McGraw, manager of the National League champion New York Giants, refused to play the American League champions.

Do the Yankees for the national league or the American league?


What was the first year that the San Francisco Giants captured a National League pennant?

The first National League pennant captured by the San Francisco Giants was in 1888, when they were known as the New York Giants.

What league is older- national or American?

National. The National League began play as a major league in 1876 and the American League began play as a major league in 1901.

Do the dodgers play for the national league or the American league?

They play for the National League

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