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The Olympics began in ancient Greece.

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Q: Were the Olympics started in Rome?
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Related questions

Were the 2000 Olympics were held in Rome?

No, the 2000 Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia. The 1960 Summer Olympics were held in Rome.

Was the 2012 Olympics held in Rome?

No, the 2012 Olympics were not held in Rome.

When were the Olympics in Rome?

That was the 1960 Summer Olympics.

Where the Olympics annual in ancient Rome?


What were the names of the Greeks who started the Olympics?

The Olympics were started by Apollo,Apollo was the god of music wich is kind of weird why he started the Olympics

How long have professional athletes been competing in the Olympics?

As long as the Olympics have started. As long as the Olympics have started. As long as the Olympics have started.

What years did Rome host the Summmer Olympics?

Rome has hosted one Summer Olympics, that being in 1960.

What year did the Olympics start?

Around 776 BCThe Ancient Olympics started in 776 BC. Then they stopped and they started the modern summer Olympics in 1896. The winter Olympics started in 1924. Then the youth Olympics (Summer and winter) started in 2010.

When were the ancient Olympics started?

It is recorded that the Olympics started at 776 B.C.

When were the Olympics created?

The ancient Olympics started in 776 BCE. The modern Olympics started in 1896 CE.

When did oylipics started?

Summer olympics started in 1896, winter olympics in 1964

Which country started Olympics and in which year?

Greece started the Olympics in 776 BC

Did ancient Rome hold the Olympics?

No. Ancient Greece was the home of the Olympics. Rome did finally host the Olympic Games in 1960.

Did ancient rome invent the Olympics?

No. The Olympics were strictly a Greek festival.

When did the Olympics games started?

The MODERN olympics started in Greece 1896

Where were the Olympics started?

the Olympics were started thousands of years ago in greece. They are named after MT. Olympus

Who started the Olympics game?

the ancite Greek started the Olympics it use to be called the fun wars

When did Olympics start?

The Olympics Started In 776 BC.

What it the approximate date of when the Olympics started?

the Ancient olympics i think started on the 16th of June 776bc i am not sure of this answer

Where do Olympics come from?

The Olympics came from the Greek, who started it as an annual tournament which then got spread to the whole world and Olympics started. But the origin of it came from Greece.

When did ice hockey start in the Olympic?

Ice hockey started in the Olympics started in 1920 in the summer Olympics. Then was trasferd permanently to the winter Olympics in 1924.

Where there 2000 Olympics held in Rome?

2000 Summer Olympics were held in Sydney Australia.

When was the womens 4 x 100 medley relay introduced to the Olympics?

1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

Where when did the Olympics start?

The Olympics started 776 BC in Greece.

When start the first Olympics?

the first olympics started in 1896

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