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The ancient Olympics were held in ancient Greece at Olympia in the Peloponnese every four years as a festival of the god Zeus.

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Q: Were the Olympics only held in Ancient Greece?
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Related questions

Were the Olympics the only games held in ancient Greece?


How often were the the ancient Greek Olympics held?

the ancient Olympics games were held once in 4 years. the time period was called as Olympiads & was only held in Olympia in Greece

What is the difference between the ceremonies in the ancient and modern Olympics?

Ancient Olympics were only hosted in Olympia

What does the Olympics have to do with Greece?

Greece held the first Olympics. They were held in Olympia in honor of their gods which, lived on Mount Olympus. Only men were allowed to watch the Olympics because only men were in the Olympics and they wore nothing. They were nude.

When did ancient Greeks start Olympics?

The first ever ancient olympics were held in Olympia, Greece in 776BC. The only event that year was a single race around the stadium, and the games lasted one day.

Smiliarites between ancient Olympic game and modern Olympic game?

the differences is that in the modern Olympics you get a medal and that the Olympics are televised and there are more sports while in the ancient Olympics when you win you would get a crown and the only sports that were there were discus,foot racing,gladiators and it was only held in Greece.

Were the Olympics the only games in ancient Greece?


When were the Olympics held in Ancient Greece?

Every summer no! the answer above is wrong!!!! the Olympics are help every 4 years and i think are only held in 1 place in a lifetime!

Who restarted the ancient Olympics?

The olympics have always taken part but it was only in Greece for hundreds of years

How have the Olympics changed from ancient times to now?

In ancient times there were very few events but now there is a wide variety, also ancient Olympic games were only held in Greece and only Greek city- states competed now it is a world wide event

The Olympics were not the only famous ancient athletic games held in Greece?

No, other cities vied for the financial and other benefits - the Nemean Games, Isthmean Games etc.

In what country were the Olympicsganes first held?

ancient Greece during the 7th century B.C. Then they were only held in Olympia in Centeral Greece.

The Olympics were not only a single famous ancient athletic game held in Greece there were three major competitons what were they?

The first Olympic games only included one event, which was a race. They also only lasted for one day.

What was the only 'unofficial' Olympics ever held in the history of the modern Olympics?

I think it is the 1906 Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. It is not officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as it is the first and only mid-cycle Intercalated Games to be held in Athens, Greece where some traditons were embraced.

Where were the ancient olympic games held?

The first ancient Olympics were held in Olympia, Greece, in the city-state of Elis in the southwest of the Peloponnesos, in 776 BC. That's where the great event got its name. Greece also held the first modern Olympic games in Athens in 1896.The ancient Olympics continued until 393 AD. When they were held, all wars would pause to attend the Olympics.First Olympics in 776 BC - Olympia, GreeceThe ancient Greek Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC, between August 6 and September 19.[1 According to some literary traditions, this was the only athletic event of the games for the first 13 Olympic festivals or until 724 BC. From 776 BC , the Games were held in Olympia, Greece every four years for almost 12 centuries.The ancient Olympics were held at Olympia, which is a sacred site near Elis in the western Peloponnese, Greece, with a temple complex dedicated chiefly to Zeus. Olympia is named with reference to Mount Olympus, the supposed home of the Greek gods, but it is not near Mount Olympus.The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.At the temple of Zeus at Olympia in the city-state of Elis in Greece.

Where was the most often place the ancient Olympics were held?

Only at Olympia.

What was the only athletic event held at at the first ancient Olympics?


Where do the Olympics take place the most?

London, England is going to be the only countrie to have held the Olympics three times. So far they have held it in 1908 and 1948. In 2012 they will be holding the Olympics again. Many countries have held the Olympics twice. Such as Greece and Australia.

What are five top similarities between ancient and modern Olympics?

Similarities 1. Held every four years 2. There are many of the same events 3. They compete Differences 1. Only men could compete in ancient Olympics 2. Ancient Olympics were held to honor the ancient Greek god, Zeus 3. They didn't have ice skating, bobsledding, or the luge in ancient Olympics 4. In the ancient Olympics the men had to compete nude

Who could compete in the Ancient Greece Olympics?

men were the only ones alowed to compete

What were some stuff that happened in 776bc ancient Greece?

The First Olympics were held in Athens. According to the legend Heracles was the founder of this athletic event. Heracles also known as Zeus's son. It was the only athletic event that was held in Athens at the time.

What was the only event held in the ancient Olympics in 776 BC?

life or death.

What are the origins of the ancient Olympic games and the name 'Olympics'?

The first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. They Began as a religious festival of the god Zeus and were held every 4 years. They were held in a valley of Ancient Greece called Olympia. That is how they came to be called the Olympics. The only event held was a foot race, they raced the length of the stadium. Later a nine mile chariot race was added. And a lot more people were interested in that than a foot race.

How did the ancient Greeks form the Olympics?

Well, the Greeks loved competitions. So they made up a game called the Olympics, which modernized to the sports we have today. The Olympics were not the only competition in Ancient Greece, but the most popular.

What are the difference of Olympics in the past and present?

The ancient Olympic games only allowed people of Greek descent to participate. The Olympics feature 2600 athletes from 77 countries. Only a few hundred athletes participated in the ancient games.Only men were allowed to compete in the ancient Greek games. Athletic training in ancient Greece was part of every free male citizen's education. the women too can particapate in the olympics.▪ The ancient Olympic games were held as a religious event to honor the Greek God, Zeus. A hundred oxen were typically given as a sacrifice. Frenchman Pierre baron De Coubertin, who helped revive the Olympic games in the nineteenth century, insisted that they feature the international competition of athletes.The ancient Olympics yielded only one winner. A crown of olive leaves was placed on his head and a statue in his image was erected in Olympia. The current Olympics feature 15 types of events, each with a Gold, Bronze, and Silver medalist.Winter Olympics are a modern invention. The ancient Greeks never thought of featuring skiing or other cold-weather events (for obvious reasons). The first winter Olympics was held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Two hundred and fifty-eight athletes participated from seventeen countries.The ancient games were always held in Olympia. Only the first modern Olympics has been held in Greece, though the next games will be as well.