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Q: Were man city relegated in the season 1938?
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When did man united last go down?

Manchester United were last relegated in the 1973/4 season.

Which football teams were the first to get relegated?

I believe it was the 1973/74 season. Man United, Norwich & Southampton were the 3 teams

What was man utd's average attendance for the 197475 season?

Manchester United's average league attendance for the 1974/1975 was 48,388. This was the season which was spent in the old division 2 having been relegated the year before.

What year did man united get relegated?

Manchester United were relegated to Division 2 at the end of the 1973/74 season. The result which finally sealed their fate was a 1:0 defeat at Old Trafford by local rivals Manchester City - the goal ironically being scored by ex Manchester United playerDenisLaw.He subsequently retired from football . Some people say he was devastated that is why he retired.

How man teams are there in the Barclays premier league?

There are a total of twenty teams in the Barclays Premier League (BPL). However, the teams in the league are not always the same. At the end of the season, the bottom three teams in the BPL are relegated to the Championship League, and the top three teams from the Championship League are promoted to the BPL. For example, at the end of the 2012-2013 season, Queens Park Rangers, Reading, and Wigan Athletic were all relegated, and Cardiff City, Hull City, and Crystal Palace were each promoted.

Who as had most penalties man united or man city this season?

Manchester united

Have Manchester united scored more goals this season than Manchester city?

So far this season Man U has scored 74 goals, while Man City has 72 goals.

What teams have beat man city this season 2011?

man city is a strong team but they have some attitude issues. Tevez has also been out

How long did Craig Bellamy play for Cardiff City FC?

He was on loan for one season from Man City.

What are the release dates for The Man on the Rock - 1938?

The Man on the Rock - 1938 was released on: USA: 3 September 1938

What are the release dates for Monkey into Man - 1938?

Monkey into Man - 1938 was released on: UK: 1938 USA: 1940

What are the release dates for Man Hunt - 1938?

Man Hunt - 1938 was released on: USA: 7 February 1938