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Q: Were is Luke kelly of the dubliners buried?
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When was The Dubliners with Luke Kelly created?

The Dubliners with Luke Kelly was created in 1964.

Where is luke kelly's of the Dubliners wife buried?

Luke Kelly's wife, Deirdre O'Connell, is buried in St. Fintan's Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland.

How tall was luke kelly of the dubliners?

About 170cm, apparently.

Who recorded the song the town you loved so well?

The Dubliners featuring Luke Kelly on vocals

What is Luke Kelly most known for?

Luke Kelly was an Irish singer and folk musician from Dublin, Ireland born in November of 1940. He is most known as the founding member of the band The Dubliners.

Where is Luke Kelly's wife buried?

Deidre O'Connell died in 2001. She is buried with Luke in Glasnevin Cemetary in Dublin

Did Patrick Pearce write the poems For what died the sons of roisin?

No. As the 1916 leaders are mentioned in it, it is a strange question. It was written by Luke Kelly, who was a member of The Dubliners.

When were the Dubliners formed?

The Dubliners an Irish traditional folk group were formed in 1962, the founding members were Ronnie Drew ,Luke Kelly ,Ciaran Bourke and Barney Mckenna but the line up changed through the years,Following the death of Barney McKenna the last surviving founding member in 2012 the band announced their retirement .

What is Luke Kelly's birthday?

Luke Kelly was born on November 17, 1940.

When was Luke Kelly born?

Luke Kelly was born on November 17, 1940.

Where is grace kelly buried?

Grace Kelly is buried in the Saint Nichols Cathedral in Monaco.

When did Luke Kelly die?

Luke Kelly died on January 30, 1984 at the age of 43.