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in central tx

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Q: Were in Austin Texas does the undertaker live?
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What part of Texas does 'The Undertaker' live in?


What city does the undertaker live in?

Austin, Texas

Where doesthe undertaker live now?

Austin, Texas

Where does the Undertaker live?

The Undertaker is billed from Death Valley. He resides in Austin, Texas.

What state and city does the undertaker and Michelle mccool live in?


Were does the Undertaker reside in Texas?

Austin, Texas

Where is the Undertaker really from?

He is from Houston, Texas is not actually the truth it is actually Austin, Texas

Were does the undertaker really live?


Where does undertaker and Kane live?

Character-wise- The Undertaker lives in Death Valley, Kane lives in Parts Unknown In real life- The Undertaker lives in Houston May 2010 Actually Taker lives in Austin, Texas, he was born and raised in Houston, Texas Kane live in Knoxville, Tennessee,

Does the undertaker live in Tennessee?

undertaker is a texan.He was born in Houston and presently lives in Austin

Where does the undertaker live in huston?

the undertaker doesnt live in houstan,he lives in bastrop,texas.

Where does WWE superstar undertaker live?


Where do the WWE superstares live?

the undertaker is from Texas

Where does stone cold live in Austin?

yes he live in Austin,Texas

What is your current capitol?

Austin. Because I live in Texas. The capitol of Texas is Austin!

What county do you live in if you live in Austin Texas?

If you live in the city of Austin in Texas, you live in either Travis, Williamson, or Hays county. Most of Austin falls in Travis county, parts of north Austin are in Williamson county, and parts of south Austin are in Hays county. There is an Austin County in Texas, but the city of Austin is not in it.

Where does stone cold steve austin live?

Austin, Texas.

Where does steve cold stone austin live?

Austin, Texas.

Where does stone cold Steve Austin live now?

Austin, Texas.

Where does WWE's the undertaker live?

death valley or Houston Texas

Where does WWE Ashley live?


Where does brad womack live?

Austin, Texas

Where did Barbara Jordan live?

Austin, Texas

Where does dale Watson live?

Austin, Texas

Where does Eric live?

He Lives In Austin Texas