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No way horhe

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Q: Were human heads used in dodgeball?
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How has dodgeball changed over the years?

they use rubber balls insted of foam balls. in china i think they used to cut off peoples heads and through the heads at each other

What is Japan's native sport?

Well it all started about 1000 years ago when the Japanese started using discarded heads from there enemies to play the game of dodgeball by throwing the heads at eachother. You can thank the Japanese for Dodgeball

Is dodge ball capitalized?

Dodgeball is capitalized if it starts the sentence. But if dodgeball is used in the middle of a sentence it is not capitalized.

What muscles are used in dodgeball?

arms and legs

What is the name of the material used to make hat bases?

Human heads.

When was the game of dodgeball created and what was used for balls?

the game dodge-ball was created back in the day..... i mean a long long long time ago.. .by and Chinese group... and the dodge-balls never started off as ball.... the were human heads of people they did not like...... so they were used to scare the towns people when they would throw them

Did china throw heads at each other playing dodgeball?

No. That was just a fanciful joke invented for the 2004 movie "Dodgeball: A true underdog story." The fact that many believed this was a historically accurate portrayal is fairly disconcerting. I've found no scholarly sources to back up the Chinese inventing dodgeball, let alone using human heads to play it.I mean, think about it: Why on earth would they throw human heads at each other? Who would engage in a sport involving picking up a decapitated head, throwing it, then having one thrown at you? Where did all the heads come from? I think the people that fall for jokes from Ben Stiller movies are the ones losing their heads.ACTUALLY; concerning the above answer. Some ancient tribes and cultures used to use people's severed heads to play variants of football, polo and many other such games. This was done a lot of the time with the direct intent of humiliating the head's owner (now dead) and his or her family. Such as a recently over turned king, bandit leader etc. So falling for the idea in Dodgeball the movie is not so stupid as you seem to want to make out and put people down for.

Was Jim Carrey in dodgeball?

No, he was not in Dodgeball

Did the Chinese invent balls?

Yes...but i believe they used human heads in the earlier days...

Did the Chinese invent dodge ball?

Yes...but i believe they used human heads in the earlier days...

When was dodgeball invented?

Dodgeball was invented when the cavemen lived

What are the equipments used in playing dodgeball?

You use a ball and people.

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Did china throw heads at each other playing dodgeball?

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