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As far as I know, when a sport is a "demonstration sport" medals are awarded by the International Federation governing that sport, and not by International Olympic Committee (IOC). A demonstration sport has not yet achieved "full medal" status, therefore the athletes are not competing for official Olympic medals. For example, in 1988 (Seoul, Korea) and 1992 (Barcelona, Spain), Taekwondo was a demonstration sport, and I believe the medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) were provided by the World Taekwondo Federation.

By 1994, the IOC had approved Taekwondo as a full medal sport, but not until the 2000 Summer Games (Sydney, Australia). In 1996 (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), Taekwondo had reached its allotted two times as a demonstration sport, and was only allowed to participate as an "exhibition," therefore I do not believe they had any medals awarded above the National level of competition in each country (not sure about that).

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Q: Were gold medals given to the winners of Olympic demonstration sports in the 1992 Olympics?
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