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The players all stand in different places depending on what position they are

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Q: Were do people stand on the netball court?
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Where do the people stand on the netball court at the beginning of the game?

it depends wat position you are playing and which way you are shooting

Where can you measure 3 feet on a netball court?

The centre circle of a netball court is 3 feet. If you stand with your feet on one side and another player on the other side directly opposite you, it will give you a good indication the distance you have to stand

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

What can you play netball on?

a netball court

What colour are netball court lines?

yellow lines on a netball court

Mini netball court size?

is there a mini netball court dimensoin

How much does it cost to build a netball court?

how much money is a netball court

14 P ON A N C?

14 people on a netball court

In netball how many people arn't on the court?

it depends on how many are on the team. you can have up to 12 people on a team but only 7 people on court.

How big is a Netball Court in Meters?

30.5x15.25 meters (100x50 feet) for a standard Netball court.

Where is Netball played a lot?

it can be played indoor or outdoor on a hard court

Including referees how many people are on a netball pitch in a game?

On a netball court there are 7 people on each team, which means fourteen players are on court.There is the goal shoot,goal attack,goal defence,goal keep,centre,wing attack and wing defence. On a netball court there are fourteen players, then there are the referees: there are usually 2 of them. So all together there are 16 people on the court