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As a child, Wayne Gretzky lived in Brantford Ontario Canada, where he was born.

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Q: Were did Wayne gretzky live as a child?
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Where did Wayne Gretzky live as a child?

Brantford, Ontario

What is Wayne Gretzky full name?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky.

What is the birth name of Wayne Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky's birth name is Wayne Douglas Gretzky.

When was Wayne Gretzky's first child born?

December 19th, 1988.

What is Wayne Gretzky birth name?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky

Where was Wayne Gretzky drafted?

Wayne Gretzky was never drafted

Where did Wayne Gretzky live during his childhood?

Brantford Ontario Canada

Who has the most mvp awards in NHL?

Wayne Gretzky

Who is all-time leading scorer in NHL history?

Wayne Gretzky with 2857 pts:-)

When was Wayne Gretzky born?

Wayne Gretzky was born on January 26, 1961.

When was Wayne Gretzky Hockey created?

Wayne Gretzky Hockey was created in 1988.

When was Wayne Gretzky Drive created?

Wayne Gretzky Drive was created in 1969.