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On ebay as "Swamp Balls"

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2012-07-25 15:03:54
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Q: Were can you sell golf balls used?
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How much can you sell used golf balls for?

You are able to sell used golf balls between a $1.00-$10.00 price range because if they are used they will go a shorter distance because of being many or very few times.

Does Nike sell golf balls with tiger printed on it?

No, Nike does not sell these golf balls, they are made specially for Tiger Woods.

Where can you sell golf balls?

From a golf shop, sports shops

What does the company Lost Golf Balls sell?

The Lost Golf Balls company sells used golf balls. These have been typically retrieved from lakes and water hazards in resorts and private facilities across the states.

What can you do with used golf balls?

Once a golf ball is used you can just use it for practicing. Or you can sell them on eBay as practice balls. You could however donate them to US Soldiers serving in conflicts around the world.

Why are they called golf balls?

They are balls golf. That's it. No particular reason.

Where could one get used golf balls for free?

Unfortunately, there are not any websites which offer used golf balls for free. Used golf balls still cost money, but they do cost less. A person may visit a nearby golf range and go searching for lost golf balls. Additionally, if a person might obtain free used golf balls from friends who are golfers.

What claims do the makers of Pro V1 golf balls make to sell their golf balls to their prospective customers?

The makers of the Pro V1 golf balls claim that their golf balls are the '#1 ball in golf'. They claim that it delivers great distance, consistent flight, great green control and that they last longer.

What are some companies that sell personalized golf balls?

The Par Gold Supply Incorporated sells custom designed and printed golf balls to customers. Also Titleist offers customer prints on golf balls for businesses.

What were the first golf balls made from?

In the early days of golf, wooden balls were used. Starting in the 1800s, golf balls were made of a feather filled leather ball.

Do they sell golf balls that float?

Yes, they do sell floating golf balls. If you want to buy for your own, you can buy it from eBay online store. It ranges from $2.00-$5.00 depending on the color , the kind you want to have.

Where can a golf ball maker be bought?

There are companies that make golf balls. However, they do not sell anything to make golf balls. If you meant golf ball marker, these can be found in local stores, such as Target, or online at Amazon.

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