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Either go to or look on the Google image search and click on a pair that you like and then buy them from the internet. you could also go to skate shops

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โˆ™ 2009-08-18 05:34:06
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Q: Were can i find youth boys slim jeans in bright colors like burgundy i am not gay just a skate boarder?
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How do you make summer now?

Wear bright colors and skinny jeans with a flowy shirt

Where can you buy a pair of purple pants?

It really depends on what type of "pants" you are talking about. If you are talking about jeans then I think you'd have good luck checking out some of Hot Topic's jeans. They have very funky colors. Also, you could try Aeropostale or JC Penneys. The bright, neon colors of jeans are back in now.

What are fashion trends of 2009?

skinny jeans, plad, flats, bright colors, knee high boots, pink, leotards, alot of eyeliner

What do i wear and not to wear this spring?

In Spring, bright but normal springy colors are always in. Skinny jeans might be too dark or not right for your shape.

What can you wear your bright blue skinny jeans with?

bright blue shirt

Name a clothing trend from the 1980s that has come back?

Scretch pants tight jeans leg warmers bright colors

What color of shirt goes with cut off jeans?

If you are wearing light blue jeans, go with a bright colored shirt. If you are wearing dark jeans, go with a bright or dark colored shirt. Hope that helps!

What colour is it ok to wear with bright pink and bright yellow jeans?

Black and white

Will the colors of these Target jeans fade after washing several times?

After many washes all jeans will begin to color fade, if you do not wash your jeans often then the colors will last longer. Also many designer jeans last longer due to the better tread ink that is on the jeans.

What colors are most jeans?


What are the most popular jeans colors?


How many colors are there in ladies jeans?


When your 10 how can you be a scene?

wear skinny jeans, bright tops with a cute cartoon character band name, get a plaid hoodie like red and black, blue and black, bright colors, get a pair of vans [slip ons] or flats or high tops, DON'T TEASE YOUR HAIR no one knows how unattractive it can be!

Are colored skinny jeans in?

OOOOOHHHHH YA!!!!! TAKE IT FROM A TEENAGER THEY ARE SO IN TRY BRIGHT COLORS OR NEON COLORS THAT POP AND ARE NOTICABLE BUT DONT LOOK GOOD ON OLD PEOPLE LOL OK THERE YOU GO i disagree a bit.. there in if you like them do not dress cos its "in" dress cos you like it and can rock it!! be bold

What colors will be people be wearing in men's jeans this year?

Jeans are going to be the standard blue, but skinny is certainly in.

What color shirts go with gray jeans?

Bright colours mainly

Are these Old Navy jeans available in acid washed colors?

There are several old navy jeans that are available in several acid washed colors such as dark blue, black and light blue.

Do you wash jeans with colors or whites?

You wash them with colors....if washing them with whites they could bled on to your whites

What to wear for an 80's party?

Spandex, leggings and ruffled skirts are great for girls to wear to an 80s party. A polo shirt or leather jacket with jeans is great for guys. Bright, neon colors are great for both genders.

What are some styles of jeans that can be purchased?

Jeans come in many different styles, fabrics and colors. Trends for jeans are seasonal, just like for other types of fashion. Several styles of jeans that are popular include skinny jeans, classic cut jeans and boot cut jeans.

Is emo and gothic the same?

If you wear dark colors all the time, nothing bright, you love the darkness, you are very artistic in dark imagery and you totally are the opposite of prep, you are goth. If you have fringed hair and you are emotional and you wear t shirts and tight pants or jeans and usually dark colors, you are emo.

What color shoes to wear with burgundy shirt and denim jeans?

i would say black, red tennis shoes or solid brown chuck taylors

I have a blue and white checkered button up shirt. Do dark jeans or light jeans go well with it?

Dark jeans generally do look better with dark colors.

What color are skinny jeans?

There is no specific color for skinny jeans, that because there are various colors, every color you can think of there's a pair of skinny jeans. I hope I helped.

What exactly are henleys jeans?

Henleys jeans come in a many styles, fits, shapes and colors to suit individual aspirations and needs. These jeans are from the UK and they are sold in the UK.