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Q: Were any Highland Mint Silver Topps Sports Cards melted?
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Where can you check the value of Highland Mint cards and coins?

Highland Mint Cards are a best kept secret. Many unsold ($240) 4.25 oz. troy .999 silver cards were melted, making some very hard to find. Same for ($49) Bronze Cards. I have seen Tuff Stuff list them (Silver) from $250 to $1700, Bronze $40 to $200, several years ago. Silver prices have soared since then. Mintages (melted adjusted) Silver 88 to 1000. Bronze about 400 to 5000.

Are Highland Mint 4.25 oz Silver Cards the best kept secret in sport cards collectibles?

Yes. You are capped on the downside by the spot price of silver while you have the all the upside of a collectible that is produced in extremely limited quantities. Buy as much of those silver cards as you can get your hands on.

How many cards are in sets of sports cards?


Imam has 6 packs of cards Maeto has 10 Between them they have 128 sports cards How many sports cards does each child have?

128 sports cards divided by 16 packs equals 8 cards per pack. Imam has 6 packs multiplies by 8 cards, and Maeto has 10 pack multiplied by 8 cards.

How can I advertise my sports trading cards for sale?

The best place is online at You can find out more about selling your cards online at under Sports Collecting 101.

Where can you get game cards?

you can get a pack of cards in a general store or a sports shop.

How many sports cards are there?


Do they have sports player cards in Europe?


What is it called to have a bunch of sports cards in a huge grouping?

Sports cards that are together in a huge group can be referred to as a lot, collection, or random cards selected by human selection can be dubbed the term "grab bag."

Where can you find car cards like baseball cards?

Check these out: 1961 Topps Sports Cars in the Non-Sports card section.

Where is there a card shop that sells Pokemon cards?

look for a game stop

What are the highest priced sports cards?

Honus Wagner