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Q: Were Victorian women allowed to show their legs?
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Why did Victorian women wear long dresses?

because in them days the lady were not aloud to show the there legs in puplic the queen thourght it was to rude .

In Islam is women not even allowed to show her nails?

Women is allowed to show her face , feet ,and hands.

What were the rules in Victorian times for clothing for women?

In a nutshell show the shoes , show the face everything else including the hands were covered

Are you allowed to spread your legs so your vaginal opening is on show on a nudist beach?


Why do women wear short skirts?

Women wear short skirts to show off their skinny legs.

Show the year that women were allowed to vote in Mexico?


When were women allowed to show their ankles?

Long time ago

Why are Muslim women not allowed to show their hair?

it is part of there religon.

Why do women not show there hair in Jordan?

they don't show their hair because in the religion of Islam women are not allowed to show their hair and that shows how much respect for themselves.....and not all women in Jordan not show their hair that is only because majority of Jordan religion is Islam

What is a ballerinas dress called?

I'm pretty sure that they are all just called 'tu-tu's'Answer:The tutu is the dress most often associated wth ballet: These short dresses became popular after the Victorian era when women were allowed to show their legs. There are several types:* The Romantic Tutu reaching the calf or lower* The classical bell tutu with a slight bell shape * The classic tutu which comes straight out from the hips

How does religion affect you in participation in sport?

In swimming there is an issue because girls usually dress in a sort of swiming costume that leaves your legs exposed, but Islamic laws don't allow women to show their legs.

What did they wear in the Victorian times?

rich and fashionable women in the victorian era wore extravagant dresses with lots of frills, pearls, and other items to show off their social standing. hair was worn in complicated braids and curls, with fancy pins and combs.