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Yes they were real!!! It was singed but not hurt badly and yes it was planed

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โˆ™ 2009-01-19 16:28:25
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Q: Were Jeff hardys fireworks real
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Wwe what is Jeff hardys real name?

Jeff Nero Hardy is his real name

What is WWE superstar Jeff hardys real name?

His real name is Jeff Hardy

What is Jeff hardys real full name?

Jeff Nero hardy

What is Jeff hardys real name?

Jeff hardys real name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy. also his brother Matt hardys real name is Mathew Moore Hardy. Edited by: Sam B. Hardy :|

Whats Jeff hardys real name?


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What Jeff hardys real name?

jeffrey Nero hardy

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that information is not given out

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Nero is Jeff hardys middle name

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No, the person behind that and the one attack that put Jeff to hospital was his brother, Matt.

Was Jeff hardys car accident real or fake?

It was storyline purposes only

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umm hello Jeff hardys 33 he turned 33

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Sorry that is private information and Matt and Jeff do not give out their phone numbers to fans

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Jeff Hardys Finisher is the swonton bomb and twist of fate

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It is for storyline only

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normally blond but it changes every week.

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203 352-1037 November 2009 That is not Jeff Hardy's number!!

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Yes.but for the time that jeff had left they no longer hardys brother.

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The hardys symbol The hardys symbol

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Jeff Hardy jumps off ladders

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Jeff and Matt

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yes Jeff is really jeffrey Nero hardy and Matt is Matthew Moore hardy they are real brothers