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Q: Wayne Toups where is he playing this week-end?
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Who was Wayne toups married to?

Tonya Toups

Where is Wayne Toups?


When was Wayne Toups born?

Wayne Toups was born on October 2, 1958, in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

When did Wayne toups start cocaine?

in the late 90s

Who originally sang the Wayne Toups song Couillon Fool in English?

John Wesley Ryles released it as "Fool" back in 1977.

When was Judith Toups born?

Judith Toups was born in 1930.

When did Judith Toups die?

Judith Toups died in 2007.

How tall is Lacey Toups?

Lacey Toups is 5' 7 1/2".

Will Wayne Rooney be playing this Saturday against Manchester City?

Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that Wayne Rooney might be available for the Manchester derby on the weekend (17/4/10).

Who sings the song the weekend?

Wayne Brady.

Is Wayne Toups in jall?

No Not currently. He was in prison a while back. He was release in September of 2007. He did 9 months in a federal prison in Louisiana. He has been clean and sober since his incarceration.

What has the author Franz Toups written?

Franz Toups has written: 'Empirische Untersuchungen zur Stresswirkung audiovisueller Selbstkonfrontation auf Stotternde' -- subject(s): Stuttering