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Manchester City

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Q: Wayne Rooney's last Everton appearance was against which Premiership team?
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Which famous international goalkeeper has scored twice in the English Premiership and once for his country?

Peter Schmeichel he actually scored only once in the premiership - for Aston villa against everton he scored once in the uefa cup - for Manchester United against Rotor Volgograd he scored once for denmark - vs belgium at euro 2000

What is the probability of Everton winning against Liverpool in their next match?

0% Everton are woeful.

Who was the first black player to score a premiership hat trick?

Efan Ekoku was born in England grew up in Nigeria. He scored his first hat trick for Norwich City against Everton on September 25, 1993.

Who has played for everton but also been sent off playing against everton?

Richard Dunne

Who won the premiership in 1997?

Manchester United won the premiership in the year of 1997. During this premiership, they had went against Liverpool and Newcastle.

Has Rooney scored against everton?

No he has not scored yet against ever ton.

Who played for and against England Liverpool and everton?

Dave Watson

Which one of rooneys goals is better the bicycle kick against city or the volley against Newcastle?

It is the bicycle kick goal verses Manchester City.

Which Scottish players have scored a hat-trick in the premiership and against who?

Scottish players to have scored hat tricks in the Premiership are:John Hendrie (December 5, 1992, for Norwich City against Blackburn Rovers)Gordon Strachan (April 10, 1993, for Leeds United against Blackburn Rovers)Gary McAllister (October 28, 1995, for Leeds United, against Coventry City)Kevin Gallacher (March 15, 1997, for Blackburn Rovers, against Wimbledon)Duncan Ferguson (December 28, 1997, for Everton, against Bolton Wanderers)Kevin Gallacher (January 17, 1998, for Blackburn Rovers, against Aston Villa)