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Wrestling isn't real you should know that it is so fake

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Q: Was undertaker killed in Memorial Day?
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Did the undertaker die on Memorial Day?


Did the undertaker get attacked on Memorial Day weekend?

Yes he did. June 2010 in real life NO in storyline yes.

What happen to the undertaker on 06 04 10?

Over the last Memorial Day weekend (May 29-31 of 2010) Kane supposedly found Undertaker in a Vegetative state.

Did the undertaker die memorial weekend of 2010?

No, he did not.

How do Chinese people celebrate Memorial Day?

They don't. Memorial Day is a US holiday to honor US soldiers and sailors killed in combat. China has no corresponding "day".

Who do killed undertaker?

the undertaker is not dead he is in a vegitated state

What is the Workers' Memorial Day?

Workers' Memorial Day or International Workers' Memorial Day takes place annually around the world on April 28, an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work.

How Memorial Day began as a tribute to soldiers killed in this conflict?

world war 2

Has wrestler undertaker really killed people?

The undertaker is 20-0 in wrestlemania death matches. So, the undertaker has killed 20 people and stole their souls as well.

Who attacked the undertaker on Memorial Day weekend?

it is Kane because there are rumors at summerslam that it will be taker vs Kane in a casket match look it up on

What did Kane do to the undertaker?

Kane beat up undertaker and all most killed he.

Who killed the undertaker first?