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I believe you are thinking of Thomas a Becket. Rev. Becket was assassinated by a shock squad of troops from King Henry. This is different than an execution like Mary, Queen of Scots. The Becket homicide happened inside a Church- and a play was done on it called Murder in the Cathedral. The assassins wore hooded knights helmets and naturally had the visors down when doing this horrible deed. As far as I know one of the few major crimes committed in a church- but not by Churchmen, in modern times. Things along these lines may have happened with the Godless Communists during the Revolution. ( Russian)


The above is all wrong.... it has nothing to do with Thomas a Kempis.

THOMAS À KEMPIS (Thomas of Kempen) (1380-1471) was a German Augustinian monk. His birth name was Thomas Hemerken but his birth place was Kempen, and the name à Kempis was given to him when he entered the priesthood.

He was ordained in the Canons Regular of St. Augustine in 1413. Twelve years later he was elected to the position of sub-prior (prior's assistant) in the monastery of Mount St. Agnes and in that capacity was responsible for training those who were aspiring to be priests.

He was denied canonization as a saint because when his body was dug up splinters were found embedded under his fingernails (Robert Wilkins, A History of Man's Obsessions and Fears). Apparently he was accidently buried alive, and the canonization authorities determined that a true saint wouldn't fight death in such a manner.

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Q: Was thomas a kempis buried alive?
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