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Yes. Before the Houston Texas came into the NFL for the 2002 season, each conference was broken into three divisions. They were the East, Central, and West. Members of the AFC Central in the 2001 season were Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati. Starting with the 2002 season the AFC division names became the East, North, South, and West. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Baltimore play in the AFC North and Tennessee and Jacksonville play in the AFC South.

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No. The Dallas Cowboys were a National Football League expansion team when they began playing in 1960. When the merger between the NFL and the rival American Football League went into effect in 1970, there were 16 NFL teams and 10 AFL teams. To create balance, three longtime NFL ballclubs -- the Baltimore Colts, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers -- moved over to the new American Football Conference. The Cowboys became a part of the new National Football Conference, comprised of the remaining NFL teams.

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Q: Was there ever an AFC Central division in the NFL?
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What league are Colts in?

the colts are in the NFL- in the AFC- in the AFC south division.

What is the weakest division in the NFL?

Afc south

Have Baltimore Ravens ever won a nfl title?

The Ravens have won 4 AFC North Division Championships, 2 AFC Championships, and 2 Super Bowl Championships.

What was the worst ever division winning record in the NFL?

Since the AFL-NFL merger, the worst division winning record was 7-9 by the 2010 Seattle Seahawks.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers move to the AFC?

The Steelers have been in the American Football Conference (AFC) since 1970.They played in the AFC Central Division from 1970-2001 and then the AFC North Division from 2002 to the present.

How many NFL AFC championships have the colts won?

The COLTS have won 5 AFC south championchip titles.

What was the 1 AFC east football team?

The AFC East division was established in 1970, when the NFL and the AFL merged into a single league. All but one team from the AFL East (Houston Oilers) were absorbed into the AFC East, and the NFL added one team to the division. The charter members of the AFC East wereBoston Patriots (AFL East Division)Miami Dolphins (AFL East Division)Buffalo Bills (AFL East Division)New York Jets (AFL East Division)Baltimore Colts (NFL Century Division)

Who won the 1996 AFC East Division is the NFL?

the New England Patriots

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers in the American Football League?

The American Football League lasted until 1969, which the Steelers were not a part of. The AFL then merged into the NFL for the 1970 season. The Steelers play in the American Football Conference. They played in the AFC Central division from 1970-2001, and now in the AFC North division from 2002-present.

What are group colts in?

The Colts (NFL team, just to be sure we're on the same page.) play in the American League Conference (AFC) in the AFC South division.

Which nfl division has represented their conference the most in Super Bowl history?

Afc east-19 times

What was the last NFL team to win a division with a non winning record?

The last team to win a division tile without posting a winning record was the 2008 San Diego Chargers, who won the weak AFC West Division Title, with a record of 8-8. Prior to the 2008 season, the last team to win a division without a winning record was the 1985 Cleveland Browns, who won the AFC Central Division with a record of 8-8 as well.