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Yes. There were four players that wore #3 for the Steelers beginning in 1992.

  • Mark Royals (1992-1994) - punter
  • Rohn Stark (1995) - punter
  • Kris Brown (1999-2001) - kicker
  • Jeff Reed (2002-2010) - kicker
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Q: Was there any Pittsburgh Steeler that wore jersey number 3 after 1992?
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Was there any Pittsburgh Steeler that wore jersey number 3 between the years of 1950-1980?

No. According to, no Steelers player wore #3 between 1942 and 1992.

Who was the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team in 1996?

Bill Cowher was the Steeler head coach from 1992-2006.

Which Pittsburgh Steeler wore number 6 in Super Bowl XIII?

No Steelers player wore #6 in Super Bowl XIII, which was played on January 21, 1979. The #6 was worn by Jim Elliott in 1967 and then again by Bubby Brister from 1986-1992.

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers with the number 82 I have an autograph from steeler number 82 and don't remember who it was?

Over the past few years: 2002-2005: Antwaan Randle El 1999-2001: Bobby Shaw 1998: Henry Bailey 1992-1997: Yancey Thigpen 1989-1990: Derek Hill 1974-1987: John Stallworth

Who wore number 40 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1992?

Defensive back Stan Smagala.

Who wore the number 79 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1992?

No Steelers player wore number 79 in 1992. John Rienstra wore the number from 1986 to 1990. Then James Parrish wore it in 1995.

When did Pittsburgh Press end?

Pittsburgh Press ended in 1992.

Who wore football jersey number 9 for the Michigan Wolverines?

mercury hayes 1992-1995

What was Irving Fryar's Patriot jersey number?

Irving Fryar's jersey number when he played for the New England Patriots was #80. He played with the team from 1984 to 1992 and was in one Super Bowl with them.

What actors and actresses appeared in Downtown Pittsburgh - 1992?

The cast of Downtown Pittsburgh - 1992 includes: Rick Sebak as Narrator

What steeler had the most yards rushing during the regular season?

Barry Foster with 1690 rushing yards for the 1992 Steelers.

When was Port of Pittsburgh Commission created?

Port of Pittsburgh Commission was created in 1992.

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