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Yes, the Houston Comets softball team was managed and coached by Margaret Zepeda and her sister, Maria Lou (Mary Lou). The Major Division Women's softball team represented the state of Texas at the ASA Major Division Women's National Championships for a number of years in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Margaret (known for her tough, yet fair coaching style) developed a number of outstanding players like Judy Glazener, Sylvia Ortiz, Annette Romero, Tina Oates, Debbie McMinn, and Sandy Mayon. In the heyday of ASA Women's Softball in Texas, teams across the state regarded the Comets as the team one had to defeat to reach the National Tournament. Margaret's long playing and coaching career began in Tacoma, Washington, where she has been enshrined in the Sports Hall of Fame.

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Q: Was there a softball team called Houston Comets?
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