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Q: Was there a shot clock during the 1985 championship game between villanova and georgetown?
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How many Big East teams have won the NCAA basketball championship?

Through 2013, seven of the schools in the Big East have won NCAA men's basketball championships: Connecticut (3), Syracuse (1), Villanova (1), Georgetown (1), Marquette (1), Cincinnati (2) and Louisville (3). However, Marquette and Cincinnati won their titles before joining the Big East, and Louisville won two of its titles before joining the Big East.The most accurate way to state the Big East's accomplishment in this regard, however, is as follows: the Big East has won seven NCAA men's basketball championships-- and been represented in the Final Four 16 seasons (often with multiple teams the same year)-- during the conference's original 33-year history. In 1985, there were three Big East teams (St. John's, Villanova and Georgetown) in the Final Four and two (Villanova and Georgetown) in the title game.

Who was georgetown basketball academic advisor during John Thompson Sr tenure?

Mary Fenlon

Did Patrick Ewing ever win an nba championship?

Patrick Ewing, is a former NBA player for the New York Knicks, Seattle SuperSonics and Orlando Magic. During his career, which extended from 1985-2002, Ewing did not win an NBA championship. However, during his collegiate career he did win an NCAA national title with Georgetown Hoyas in 1984. He is also an 11 time NBA all-star and member of the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

Who was the first Nascar driver to die while defending his championship title?

Joe Weatherly died at Riverside Track in California defending his championship during a race. Alan Kulwicki died in a plane crash during his defense of the Cup championship.

How many courts are used during the Wimbledon Championship?


When was George D Bahen the Georgetown football player who was killed during a football game against Columbia born?

In the afternoon.

How often is there a six nations?

If you are refering to the Six Nations Rugby Championship, then it is an annual event that occurs during February and March each year. The Six Nations Rugby Championship is contested between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

Who was the Longhorns' Quarterback during the 1969 Championship Season?

James Street

Can you wear color during Wimbledon tennis championship?

No only White

Who got blatantly shoved during the Butler and UConn championship game during the second half?


Who did the Lakers play for the NBA championship in 2000?

During the 1999-2000 NBA season, the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers to win the championship.

Who coached the celtics during there last championship win?

Glenn doc Rivers

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