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Devin Hester did that in the 2006 Super Bowl, super bowl XLI.

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Q: Was there a kick return on opening kickoff in any Super Bowl?
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First player to return the opening kickoff of a Super Bowl for a touchdown during Super Bowl XLI?

devin Hester (Chicago) vs Indy

Who returned the opening kickoff in super bowl XLI for a touchdown?

Devin Hester.

Has any one returned a kickoff in the Super Bowl since Super Bowl xxxv?

Between Percy Harvin's return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLVIII and Ron Dixons touchdown return on Super Bowl XXXV, there was one other kickoff return for the touchdown. Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones set a Super Bowl record with a 108 yard return for a touch down in Super Bowl XLVII.

Who is the Youngest player to return kickoff for touchdown in super bowl?

The only player in NFL history to return an opening kickoff for a touchdown was Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears, during Superbowl XLI on February 4th, 2007.

Super Bowl kickoff return for touchdown but lost game?

devin Hester

Who was the first player to return a kickoff for a touchdown in Super Bowl history and in what Super Bowl did he do it?

Fulton Walker of the Miami Dolphins returned a kickoff 98 yards for a TD for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII against the Washington Redskins.

What is the longest kickoff return in Super Bowl history?

Longest Punt Return: John Taylor - 45 yardsLongest Kickoff Return: Desmond Howard - 99 yardsThrough Super Bowl XLII, that is a 99 yarder by Desmond Howard of the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI against the New England Patriots.

What is kickoff time for Super Bowl in Arizona?

The kickoff time for super bowl in Arizona is at 4:30pm.

Who returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

In super bowl XLI (forty one), Devin Hester of the Bears returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. It was the first time it ever happened in super bowl history. Although the Chicago Bears lost to the Indianapolis colts.

What first occurred in Super Bowl xvi?

1) First Super Bowl to have a turnover on the opening kickoff. 2) First Super Bowl where the team that had the most total yards on offensive lost.

How many opening kickoffs have been returned for a touchdown during the Super Bowl?

The opening kickoff has only been returned for a touchdown once during a Super Bowl. This was accomplished by Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears during Super Bowl XLI.

Kickoff time for 2009 Super Bowl?

The kickoff time for the 2009 Super Bowl is 6:20 PM EST

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