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Their was no clear winner of World War 1. Some people say that World War 2 was part of world war 1. The above answer is misleading, as it could suggest that an undefeated Germany signed a very damaging peace treaty - which obviously wasn't the case. Moreover, in its present form the answer could be taken to support the 'stab-in-the-back' theory, though I don't think that's the intention. The Central Powers were defeated and two of them - Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire broke up.

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Q: Was there a clear winner in World War I?
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Why was the Korean war considered a stalemate?

There was no clear winner.

Was there a clear winner in World War2?

Yes, the allies.

Who is winning the Afghan War?

There's no clear winner because this isn't a war with one direct enemy or front. It's impossible to really state a "winner".

Why was there no clear winner in the War of 1812?

Because there were many battles during the war, going by the saying: "We've won the battle, but not the war," both British North America (BNA) (Canada) and the Americans won battles, but since there was no major battle with a definite winner, and only many small battles which they had their share of winning, there was no clear winner.

Did a winner emerge from World War 1?


Who was the winner at the end of world war 1?


Who was considered the winner of the Cold War?

The free world won the cold war.

Who was the winner of the war of 1812?

There was no winner it was indesive meaning there was no clear winner. any ways the treaty of ghent had been signed by the American side and Britain side.

Did the Monitor defeat the Merrimac at Hampton Roads in the first battle of the Civil War?

No. The battle had no clear winner.

Did France win the world war 2?

On the paper, yes. If you consider that there is a winner in a war.

How many country were winner in World War 2?

how many country was win second world war? how many country was win second world war?

Who was the winner of World War I?

The allies defeated the central powers

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Because it lasted longer than that

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No one.... World War 3 either falls short of a winner, or the whole world ends. World War 4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

Who won the 30 Years War?

There wasn't a clear winner of the 30 Year War. The results of the war included the decline of feudalism, rise of the Swedish Empire, and Habsburg supremacy was curtailed.

Who was the winner in the Civil War?

The winner of the civil war was The Union or the North

Who is the winner of world cup of football in 1946?

There wasn't one. It was cancelled due to World War 2.

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because they are belonged to winner alliance in world war II

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United States was the big winner of World War 2. They had no property damage except Pearl Harbor

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About 5 countries were the winners of WW2.

How many country were winner in world war second?

Bob pooped on a rock, then died!

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The league suspended due to World War I.

What was winner of the English Premier League in 1919?

The league suspended due to World War I.