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The St. Louis Cardinals they have had the highest batting average for many years and they also had it when they won the world series....

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Q: Was there a baseball team that won the world series that had the highest team batting average during the regular season?
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Who had the highest batting average for the 2011 regular season?

Miguel Cabrera (.344), AL, and Jose Reyes (.337), NL

Which past Cardinal is Yadier Molina threatened to overtake this year for having the highest regular season batting average for a Redbird catcher?

mike matheny

What was Miguel Cabrera's batting average in the regular season in 2011?

In 2011, Major League Baseball (MLB) player Miguel Cabrera, playing for the Detroit Tigers, had a regular season batting average of .344, getting 197 hits in 572 at-bats in 161 games.

Who had highest average hitting in regular season 2011?

tim linecrum

What player had the highest batting average in the 2011 regular season?

Miguel Cabrera The NL batting champ was New York Mets Jose Reyes with .337. The AL batting champ was Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera with .344

What is the overall batting average of the Boston Red Sox this year?

For the 2007 regular season, the Red Sox team batting average was .279, which was 5th best in the American League.

What is the average pitches a major league baseball team throws a season?

The average is 24,500 pitches for Major league baseball throws in a regular season

How many hits did Greg maddux have?

272 in the regular season and 4 in the postseason. In his MLB career, Maddux had 272 hits in 1591 at bats for a .171 batting average in the regular season and 4 hits in 55 at bats for a .073 batting average in the postseason.

What base is not entirely in the infield of a baseball diamond?

Every base is in the infieldof the average baseball diamond with regular dimensions.

What do you use in playing baseball?

Batting hats, batting gloves, cleets, jerseys (shirts/pants), and regular team caps and gloves for defense.

What date was it when gas prices were at their highest?

To date, the highest US national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline occurred in July 2008, at $4.09 per gallon.

What is jimmie foxx's lifetime batting average?

In regular season MLB games, Jimmie Foxx hit .325

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