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No there was not a Baseball team with the name of The Undertakers.

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Q: Was there a baseball team called the undertakers?
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What is Undertakers tag team partner?

The Undertaker's tag-team partner is Kane

What is Kane and the undertakers tag team name?

The Brothers of Destruction

What was Triple H and undertakers a tag team name?

They were never a tag team, and they never will be.

Why are funeral directors called undertakers?

Funeral directors go by many names. Undertakers is one of them, they are also commonly called morticians.

What is undertakers batista bomb called?

It is called The Last Ride

Who buries the dead or arranges cremations?

They are called undertakers.

What is the baseball team called in India?

Cricket is more popular there. Maybe you confused it with baseball.

What is the person that buries the dead or arranges cremations?

They are called the undertakers.

What should my baseball team be called?


What is Cincinnati's baseball team called?


Undertakers theme song?

Its called The Darkest Side by Jim Johnston.

Why was he called Kane?

Because undertakers real brothers name was Kane

What is undertakers signature move name?

It is called the Tombstone Pile-driver.

When did The Undertakers end?

The Undertakers ended in 1965.

When was The Undertakers created?

The Undertakers was created in 1961.

Is Kane the undertakers brother?

Yes he is the undertakers brother.

What is it called when only one team scores in baseball?

It is called a shut out.

Was there ever a baseball team called the Chicago Red Sox?

No. There is, however, a baseball team called the Chicago White Sox; maybe that's what you mean.

What the Undertakers and Saras kids called?

they have two girls and a boy named john

What is the undertakers new entrance music called?

Aint no grave by johny cash

What is Texas' baseball team called?

Texas Rangers

What is Kane and undertakers real name?

Undertajer is called Mark Callaway and Kane is called Glenn Jacobs

Was there ever a baseball team called the senators?

Yes whitey Herzog was on the team they were Originally called the "Washington senators."

What city is the birthplace of baseball?

What is the birth place of baseball? What is the baseball team in Dodge city called?

What is the Indianapolis baseball team?

they do not have a major leag team they have a minor leag team called the Indianapolis Indians