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Q: Was the who's halftime show at Super Bowl 44 performed live?
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When is the Super Bowl halftime show taped?

Its live

What country artist performed with iconic band The Pretenders in a live televised concert from Texas the night before the Super Bowl?

Keith Urban

Where can you watch Super Bowl 44 live stream Online?

You can use this link to watch Super Bowl 44 Live online.

What radio station in Tampa Florida will broadcast Super Bowl live tomorrow?

As there is no Super Bowl game tomorrow, no radio station (in Tampa or not) can broadcast it live tomorrow.

What channel will the Super Bowl be on in 2012?

Super Bowl 2012 will be aired live on NBC at 6:30 p.m. EST. The game will also be streamed live online at

What radio station will broadcast super bowl live in Buffalo NY?

According to their website, WGR550AM in Buffalo will be broadcasting the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Can you see the Super Bowl live on the internet?

yeah you have to pay but you get to watch it live

What are the release dates for AXS Live - 2012 Super Bowl Party Special?

AXS Live - 2012 Super Bowl Party Special was released on: USA: 2 February 2013

How can you watch the super bowl live?

Go to and click on sports.

What radio stations will broadcast the Super Bowl live in Australia?

SEN1116 is a radio station that may broadcast the Super Bowl live in Australia. You would have a much easier time finding it on TV.

Did you want the Saints to win the Super Bowl?

yes because I hate the colts because they won the super bowl when the bears were in it. (I live in Chicago) When did you post this? Was it asked by me?

Where does Head linesman Gary Slaughter who was in the Super Bowl live?

Why don't you ask him?

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