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Q: Was the olypics ever delayed for any reason?
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Is surfing in the olypics?

Surfing is recognized by the olympic commity, but there isn't any in the Olympics.

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Unable to offer any help - you must be more specific. WHY are you being "delayed?' WHO is delaying you? WHAT is the reason they give you? etc.

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Any court will weigh the validity of the request of either a plaintiff or a defendant and will make a decision based upon whether it is a good enough reason for the adjournment. Trials and hearings can be, and are, delayed for months through requests for adjournments as long as those requests are valid in the opinion of the court, such as all discovery has not been provided to the requesting party. However, unless the reason is absolutely clear and very, very important in the eyes of any court, it is highly unlikely that any hearing will be delayed for years.